Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Turner Valley Community Pool

A few weeks ago, Greg had a week off from work and we had a staycation.  On one of the days he was off, it was pretty hot so we headed to the outdoor pool in Turney Valley to cool off.  If you live in the south like we do, it is faster to get to this pool then I think all of the outdoor pools in the city and it is way less busy too!  And probably cheaper to get in as well which is always a good thing for me! 

It is a decent size pool with a separate diving pool at the far end.  They have a lot of lifeguards on duty at all times which is good. 

They had a basketball hoop in the pool which was a favorite of Finley`s.

Finley always working on her swimming every chance she gets.  She loves it so much. 

You don`t have to bring any of our floaties or anything like that because they have SO many of them.   I love that they have this!

Penelope got pulled around by Greg for awhile becasue she was a little scared. 

And she just kept swimming and swimming and swimming.

Soon she was on her own and having no fun at all haha

They have a small concession where you can buy chips, freezies, popsicles and ice cream sandwiches all for one dollar or less.  Penelope loved her popsicle.  They have swimming in the morning for everyone and then it closes over the lunch hour for lane swimming and then re-opens.  You can get a stamp if you want to come back that same day.  It does have some seating options but if you weren`t lucky enough to get a table or a lounger, there was very little empty space that could be used for sitting or anything like that.   This was a great way to spend the afternoon in the hot sun and we all had a bunch of fun. You should check it out this week!

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