Thursday, 23 August 2018

What I streamed in July

Here is what I streamed in July:

The first half of the forth and final (sad sad news, I know) season of Kimmy Schmidt was released in June but because of my obsession with Billions I didn`t get around to watching it until this month.  I love this show so much and I am so sad that it is in its final season.  The last half of the season won`t be released until January.  Not sure why Netflix did that but I am sure they had their reasons to do so.  If you haven`t watched this yet, you really should.  All of the seasons are still currently streaming on Netflix Canada

Season 2 of GLOW was streaming towards the end of June and I finally got to it this month.  I binge watched this pretty hard because I love Marc Maron for reasons I cannot explain.  I love him on this show and I love his podcasts too.  I love that it is set in the 80s and all the retro vintage feel to it and I love that they all live in a cheap motel.  I basically love everything about it except the main girl who I absolutely hate and the fact that there still is not enough wrestling in it.  I want all the wrestling haha.  Regardless, I still think you should give this show a go if you are looking for something fun to watch.  Both seasons are still streaming on Netflix Canada. 

Netflix gave Michelle Wolf her own weekly talk show and it is fantastic.  Greg and I would watch a couple of episodes each night together after the kids went to bed and we loved it.  I love Michelle Wolf though and loved her on Late Night with Seth Meyers and on The Daily Show.  You might be more familiar with her if you heard about her hosting the White House Correspondants Dinner but she really is super funny and I adore her.  This show obviously isn`t for everybody and there is a possibility that some may be offended by watching it.  I am not one of those but proceed with caution if perhaps you and I may have different views on things.  All current episodes are streaming currently on Netflix Canada. 

After I finished reading Tiffany Haddish's book, I had to watch this movie too because I need to watch everything with her.  This movie was so funny and I loved it even if it took me 3 days to finish it haha.  I think I streamed this on Shaw Free Range App and it should sitll be there and you should go watch it if you haven't. 

Season 6 was released on Netflix on July 27th so I really tried to finish season 5 by then but it didn't happen.  Season 5 has taken me over a year to watch and it has been sooooooo awful.  Unlike Greg and my sister, I refuse to give up on this show, I have invested too much into it. Plus it was the first show I ever watched on Netflix and why I got it in the first place!  All 6 seasons are now streaming on Netflix Canada for your viewing pleasure. 

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