Thursday, 9 August 2018

YYC Parks: Elboya Park Playground

One of my friends posted on Instagram about this amazing playground in Elboya Park and it looked amazing.  I had no idea where it was (so I thought) but I knew that I would have to find it because the kids were going to love it.  It turns out I did know where it was and as a bonus, it wasn`t too far from where the girls are currently doing swimming lessons.

This park is so big and is perfect for kids of all ages.  I like parks that have things for the bigger kids because my kids love playing at parks and I would like to encourage that for as long as I can.  So many parks are just not suitable for anything more than toddlers. 

They have the most amazing climbing apparatus and quite possibly one of the best I have seen.  Thompson Family Park would be a close second.  The girls spent a lot of time on this one. 

We got there just before 11am and it was crazy busy - almost too busy for my liking. I hate busy parks because it is harder to see my own kids and it can sometimes be a little too rowdy so to speak. 

However, the park clears out around 1130 because everyone goes home for lunch. 

They have a bunch of cool slides that don`t seem to burn the kids.  Still don`t understand why every park seems to have slides in the summer that are functionable except for the playground on St. Patrick`s Island.  What went wrong there??  Anyways, I digress.....

The girls really liked this part of the playground too.  Another park has something similar but I can`t think of it right now. 

We packed our lunch and were able to eat it at the two picnic tables that they have at the park which are also covered which helps block you from the hot sun.  I don`t recall if they are rain proof though or not. 

They have 3 different swing seats which are good for virtually all age groups haha.

And a little climbing structure for the littler kids.

I wasn`t kidding when I said it cleared out, we were literally the only people left for like an hour.

It is insane how much there is to do for kids here.  I am so happy that we found it and we will be coming back again for sure.  The kids had so much fun and 2 hours flew by so quickly.

They have lots of seating like this all along the perimeter of the playground so as parents you are not forced to stand or sit on the ground whuch is kind of nice. 

Just another photo of the playground.  Like it is amazing and if you have kids who love playgrounds you should check it out and bring a lunch while you are at it so you can enjoy it without the business of kids and parents.  If you put in Elboya Park Playground into google maps, it will take you right where you need to go. 

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