Monday, 3 September 2018


Yesterday I turned 39.  I love birthdays and not just mine.  Our time on this earth is never a given so I think of it as a gift to grow old.  My fear is not growing old, but not given the opportunity to grow old.  I worry about it all of the time and I know that I shouldn't but I do.  

The girls let me sleep in yesterday and helped Greg make me breakfast which was delcious. I was spoiled by all kinds of homemade cards and art, a new pair of running tights and this fabulous mug.  We all know how I love a good mug. We had a very lazy Sunday and it was pretty much perfect.  I was still pretty tired from my run the day before and I know that this is our last slow weekend at least until October so we embraced it pretty hard.  All of the fighting between the girls in the afternoon kinda put a damper on it but I chose to go have a nap haha. 

We went to Brasserie Kensington for supper and it was ah-maz-ing. I will have a blog dedicated to all of the amazing food we had and it is very accomodating for those with gluten intolerances which is quite important to us.  I highly recommend that you check this place out if you have not yet. 

After supper, we headed over to the new Made By Marcus location that opened up in Hillhurst.  There was barely a line up and I was able to get the Malted Chocolate Honeycomb.  I don't really like chocolate ice cream but I love honeycomb.  I wish it was more honeycomb and less chocolate haha.  I still would pick VIllage Ice Cream over this place but it was pretty good and it was the perfect ending to my first day of being 39.  After dessert, we headed home where I was fast asleep before 8pm hahah.  I blame my run the day before and not because I am another year older hahaha. 

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