Wednesday, 5 September 2018

First Day Of School

Yesterday marked the first day back to school for these two.  Finley was so excited to go back and see her friends and find out whose class she was in.  Penelope on the otherhand, was excited to show off her new haircut to her friends but had this great idea that Greg should quit his job and we both home school her. This was never going to happen haha.  We had a fantastic summer but it was time to get back to our routine and structure.  I crave on routine and so do both kids - especially Penelope.  She struggles during the summer where her behaviour gets worse and worse throughout the summer.  We barely survived the long weekend and I am not even exaggerating.  

Both kids wearing some of their new school clothes.  Finley had to get all new jeans because she grew so much over the summer.  The same thing happened this year.  They got their pullovers from Justice 2 weeks ago and they both had been dying to wear them.  

Finley started Grade 4 and she loves school.  All the subjects except art she loves. She still wants to be an astronaut while still having a side business of designing and making her own clothes.  She loves converse runners, black boots, jeans, and wearing a denim button up over her t-shirts.  

Penelope is going into Grade 3 and loves all subjects except for science.  She wants to build robots when she gets older which kinda baffles me since she hates science but I think she just says that to irritate her sister.  She loves the colour blue, all things kitties, sparkly shoes and is finally agreeing to wearing jeans!!  

Both kids were sitting on the step at 7:50am this morning and every 2 minutes Penelope would come in asking when we were going to leave. And to think she didn't want to go to school haha.  We normally leave at 8:10 but we left a few minutes early so we could figure things out once we got to school. Neither kid was happy that I made them wear a sweater over top of their other sweater but trust me, it was cold out. 

Our school has a program where we can pay them to purchase our school supplies and I fully support this.  I have no interest in buying my own haha.  We do have to supply the pencil boxes which they are reusing from last year, indoor shoes, and kleenex.  Penelope got a new backpack because her zipper broke last week when we were putting her pencil box in it and Finley is using the same one she has been using for years because she loves it and has said that it won't be replaced until it falls apart. 

We arrived at the school to find a hot hot mess.  I thought last year was a bit of a disaster but that was smooth sailing compared to this year.  The bell normally rings at 8:20 and I think Finley finally went into the school with her class at 8:50.  They quit notifying us of their teacher last year when we got a new principal but had grades and class lists on the school exterior.  This year there was nothing and it stayed that way for far too long.  Eventually teachers came out with clipboards and we had to figure out which teachers taught which grade. Finally someone came out and taped grade numbers to the wall and students finally made their way to that section if they hadn't found their teacher already.  Some teachers were calling out student names that they had and some just gave up and taped their list to the wall.  I have friends who attend other CCSD schools and everybody does something different claiming it to be CCSD policy.  I am curious to know what the CCSD policy actually is for the first day of school or if they even have one but after what happened today, I think there definitely should be. 

We found Penelope's teacher first and she was sad to see that most of her friends were in the other grade 3 class but was happy when a few other of her friends showed up too.  I never worry about her being in a class where she knows nobody because she makes friends wherever she goes.  When we were at Calaway Park on Friday, she made friends with all the kids she waited in line with.  One boy she knew the year he was born and the month hahah.  She was a happy kid when I picked her up from school and seems to think her teacher will be a good one. 

Finley has 5 other girls that were inseperable last year.  One moved to Haysboro and her best friend moved to Mahogany.  At first Finley thought she was all alone but it turns out she is with one her friends and the other two girls are in the other 2 grade 4 classes.  I was worried all day because Finley doesn't make friends the way Penelope does but when I picked her up I asked her how school was and she said good and I asked if she was happy and she started rambling about how much she enjoyed it and how she met up with her other 2 friends at recess and lunch and all was right with the world.  What a huge relief - you have no idea. 

Hopefully day 2 goes as well as day 1.  

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