Monday, 10 September 2018

Race Recap: Dino Dash 2018

On Saturday, I ran my 5th race of the season when I did the Dino Dash.  The Dino Dash is the kick off to the fall racing series by Run Calgary and it was the 15th running of the event but my first (and definitely not last) time running it.  The majority of the race volunteers are current U of C Dino's who are on the track and field team as this is a fundraiser for the club.  Some of the volunteers were incredibly enthusiastic and one saved me from a car who was trying very hard to ignore traffic signs and kill me as I was exiting the campus. 

There were a few dinosaur costumes out and roaming around the event before the start and I grabbed a photo of this one while Heather and I were walking to the start line becuase I am almost positive that this dinosaur did the Lululemon Edmonton 10k too!!

The stroller division started first (the true elite runners in my eyes haha) and then the 5k and 10k started 5 minutes later at 11am.  I have no idea why the race started so late but I definitely wish that it was an earlier start time.  My favorite thing about this race was running somewhere brand new.  Never before had I run in any of these areas before and some parts I don't think I had even driven through or on before so that was cool.  I am very grateful though that there were a few runners that I could see who knew what they were doing when we hit the U of C campus otherwise I am not sure I would have made it out or gone where we were supposed to be going.  I think another volunteer coarse marshall in there would have been nice.  Hopefully I remember for next year!  There is a fire station that was cheering you on as you passed back on your way to the finish line, since it isn't a big race, there was no fan fare on the streets cheering you on so that was really nice.  It was a weird race where you went from feeling so hot to freezing because the wind was so intense.  My face was so hot that I felt like I was running a half marathon instead of a 10k haha.

You enter into the Foothills Athletic Park and then you have to run around the track into the dino's mouth and then you cross the finish line officially.  The track was the hardest part of the race by far.  I was so hot and tired and twice I had to swallow vomit which has never ever happened before.  Thankfully I felt much better once I finished and had a chance to get some water and cool down.

The wind got so bad that the inflatable dino collapsed barely missing a runner who was finishing so it sadly had to come down.  The wind was so intense!

I finished the race on Saturday one minute slower than my Edmonton 10k in July.  My legs were definitely still tired from the 23k that I ran last Saturday so hopefully I can go into Vancouver well rested. I don't think I will have any runs longer than 10k going forward to the race.  My achilles bothered me a little bit and I thought my hips might bother me because they have been so tight since I switched runners but they were pretty good too.  This was my first race wearing my Brooks Ghost 11's and honestly I love these shoes.  Thanks Heather for taking this photo for me even though I know you weren't feeling very well after finishing your race!

This was by far the most favorite of both my kids and probably Greg too.  It is kinda cool to have a dinosaur medal hanging on my medal rack right now hahaha. 

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