Wednesday, 12 September 2018

What I Streamed in August

Here is what I streamed in August:

I finally finished Season 5 of OITNB and I swear to God I nearly threw my ipad out the window, I WAS SO ANGRY with it.  Then I started watching Season 6 and the first episode was so bad but then it got better.  I hate that they split them up into different prisons and blocks and I didn't love some of the new characters they added, but that being said, it was probably the best season in a long time even though I didn't like a lot of what they did.  It is really hard to explain without spoiling anything.  Next season should be interesting because there were a lot of changes at the end of this season.  All 6 seasons are currently streaming on Netflix.

I love all things Amy Schumer but this movie was not great.  I mean it did have its moments but overall, just not great.  And I wanted to love it so badly but I couldn't, It is currently streaming on Shaw Free Range or for free on Shaw On Demand.  

I watched the new Mamma Mia movie in the theatre in July and I think it was better then this one and if you go see it, take kleenex.  you can thank me later haha.  I downloaded this to my ipad and the girls and I watched it over two nights while we were camping outside Kelowna.  With no campfires, it got a little boring so we watched it.  The girls loved it and I did too but strangely, the sequel is better!!  This is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

I, Tonya was made available to stream last month and I finally got around to watching it and it was so good.  Margot Robbie is ridiculous in it.  Allison Janney got all the good publicity for it but Margot killed it.  I did google Tonya Harding after I watched it because I was curious to see what she was up to now.  I don't know much about this movie but I believe she was a part of the scritpt so  it is based on her version of events and not Jeff's version (I THINK), I could google it but I don't feel like it haha.  I often wonder how much she knew about what was going to happen to Nancy Kerrigan but I don't think anyone will know for sure since it is everybody's word against everybody.  This is currently streaming on Netflix Canada and I highly recommend watching it, it is so good. 

I had never seen this show before although I do remember seeing commericals for some of it.  I watched the first season and most of the second season while Greg and the girls were gone backpacking.  It was nice to bring my ipad with me as I cleaned every square inch of my house haha. I cried a lot watching this not because it was sad but because it made me really homesick and miss my family a lot.  I like most of the characters although so far Sara + Kristina have been my most consistent least favorite characters.  By the end of August, I was 9 episodes into season 3.  It is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video

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