Tuesday, 2 October 2018

What I Streamed In September

I watched a lot of parenthood this month but I had to stop watching it after season 4.  Almost that entire season was with Christina battling cancer and with one of my friends daughter also being diagnosed with cancer, I struggled with those scenes and cried a lot harder than I would have 2 months ago.  Also, I think Joel + Julia are going to break up and that really bothers me for some reason so I stopped watching somewhere in season 5 haha.  It is currently streaming all 6 seasons on Amazon Video.

Twice I streamed this using the Shaw On Demand App and watched off of our PVR too.  In case you don't know, we are obsessed with this movie and soundtrack in our house.  It is the best.  You can stream for free from your television subscriber if you don't have shaw like us.  But seriously go watch it now!

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