Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Review: Roxy Emeline Boots

I have been looking for a combat type like boot for what feels like forever. I know I tried last year without luck and I thought we were heading in the same direction this year too.  Nothing that I found seemed to fit right or they were lined with winter material and that wasn't what I really wanted.  I wanted a fun pair of boots to wear with skinny jeans or my lululemon aligns.  I had found a pair at The Shoe Company but when I got them home and walked around the house they just were not right.  So when I returned them and stopped at Sportchek since it was in the same parking lot.  I found these Roxy boots and they were regularly $104 but on sale for $59.  For some reason, it was just the black ones but not the brown ones but I wanted black so I was quite happy.  I tried them on and I wasn't sure about them.  Penelope said they were great and she is usually quite honest with her feedback of things I buy haha.  So I bought them and wore them around the house and I decided I liked them.  One might say I even loved them.  I have worn them several times and they are super comfy and because they have a tiny bit of a barely there heel, they work well for comfort with my achilles issues.  The only thing I don't love about them is the laces.  They are HUGE!!!

You can see in this photo the massive laces.  If I ever get around to buying smaller laces, I will switch them out,  I just feel like the laces are obnoxious and super noticable when I wear them and not in a good way.  It is probably all in my mind but it is all I think about when I wear them haha.  

These are no longer on sale at Sportchek but keep an eye out if you are looking for a pair of boots like these because they tend to have some really good sales all of the time. 

Monday, 12 November 2018

Lululemon Review: Fast + Free Crops

Back in July, I did the Lululemon 10K in Edmonton with one of my good friends and running buddies Heather.  As part of package pickup, we received 25% off at the West Edmonton store and we were discussing what we were going to buy with the discount.  Heather wanted another pair of Fast + Free Crops that were not black.  I wasn't sure what I wanted but while at the store, Heather showed me the pants.  I tried them on but I thought the pink was too much for me.  While I have no problems wearing bright colours on my shorts and racerbacks, I was all about the black and more black when it came to running tights and crops.  

However, I couldn't stop thinking about them and as luck would have it, they went on WMTM a few weeks later and I took the plunge and bought them.

They were beautiful and I was in love with them.  GIve me all the colours now!!!!  These are available in 19 + 21 inch crops, 25 inch and 28 inch and the material is called naked sensation.  If you have never felt the material before, they will feel a little weird at first. They were engineered to feel like a second layer of skin to make you forget that you are wearing them as you run. 

They are high rise which I was never really into but you get used to it.  The waist also has an interior drawcord to make them tighter or looser although I have never played around with it before.  They also have pockets in the waistband and along each side.  I did try to use the side pockets but I didn't like the feeling of having my iphone there.  I do have friends who LOVE this feature.

I think my favorite part about them is the reflective dots.  Reflective gear isn't important to me - mostly because the price is insane haha but I like the look that the dots give them.  These were made by Lululemon so that we would feel fast and free in these naked, sweat wicking pants or crops.  I never really noticed my sweat drying fast but I have these crops in black too and I wore them for the Lululemon Seawheeze in Vancouver and it rained off and on for the entire half marathon and these pants dried off quite fast throught the race and I was fine hanging out after waiting for my friends to finish.  This alone made it worth every penny for these pants.  I have the crops in glossy pink as shown here and in black and then i have the 25 inch ones because I am short in black and star ruby. The only thing they are not good for is cold weather running.  Winter came early in October and I wore these one morning and my legs were so cold that they felt like cement blocks when I ran haha.

 These do come on to WMTM so it is a good idea to go try them on and watch for them if you want.  I wear my TTS in these.  

Thank you Heather for introducing these to me.  I love them even if my bank account does not hahaha. 

Friday, 9 November 2018

Friday Favorites #14

It has been awhile since I did a Friday favorites so here is one for ya and hopefully I can keep them coming for you. 

Starbucks released its holiday collection last week and it was amazing.  I first saw this tumbler on a facebook group I belong to and instantly knew i wanted it. I was worried that we wouldn't get it because last year they released a misty pink sparkly one and we never got it here in Calgary and it still haunts me every day haha.  Last Friday, I went to the starbucks near my house and they had this one and the one they called rose gold.  It looked more like bronze than rose gold to me.  I didn't buy this one at first because it doesn't feel smooth at all but more like it has been bedazzled outta controllably.  But I couldn't quit thinking about so I went to the starbucks later that morning by Liv Activ and I ended up buying it.  The roughness wasn't as bad as I thought and its pretty-ness makes up for it.  And if it makes me hit my water intake each day it will be worth it. 

In our dining area, there is like an enclave that makes the kitchen bigger.  I have 4 pieces of art that I hang on the walls and I thought I would start to share them.  This is my favorite piece but both girls were horrified by it.  mostly I think because they didn't get the humor in it haha.  I first saw this quote at Twisted Goods in Southcentre but it was almost a hundred dollars and I knew I could do it much cheaper haha.  So I sent my request to Susan at Ink'dspire (she has an etsy shop) and she made it up for me and now it hangs on my wall to the right of our french doors to the backyard. 

I found these on a local buy and sell site on facebook and was so happy to have these in our house. We love going to the mountains and anytime I can put a little bit of them into our house, I jump at the chance.  Now since they are white I am not sure how long they will last on my main floor furniture but fingers crossed that it is awhile!

On October 15th, flu shots were made available to the public and we got ours on the 16th. And for the first time ever, AHS was allowing pharmacys to give out the shots to anyone over the age of 5!!  It used to be 9 and over and I am SO HAPPY they changed that.  Instead of waiting 2 hours like we did last year, we were in and out in 20 minutes and off to Sev to get slurpees for the girls. There is no shame in my bribery game.  Penelope hates needles but understands the importance of the flu shot and about protecting those who need protection from the flu so she gets it without too much complaining.  We are big advocates of the flu shot and we hope that you guys are too.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

What I Read In October

After reading NO books in September, I read 3 in October

Stronger - Kara Goucher - This book was so good and such an easy read.  As someone who struggles bigtime with confidence - especially when it comes from running, i really connected with me.  You don't need to be a runner to get something out of this book so don't shy away from it if you are not. 

A Simple Favor - Darcey Bell - this book was bananas.  It was one of those books where I never saw any of it coming.  I don't want to spoil anything so just read it or come over and watch the movie with me when it comes on shaw free range!!

Body Love - Kelly Leveque - This book came highly recommended by Rachel Hollis but honestly I found it way to sciency and I quickly lost interest.  Basically what she is saying that if you drink her smoothies you will balance your blood sugar and be healthy in no time.  Feel free to read it if you wish but it's not something I would recommend you do immediately.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

What I Streamed in October

I didn't do a lot of streaming as I spent more time listening to podcasts while doing stuff around the house. 

The first movie I streamed this month was Good Will Hunting which is over 20 years old.  I remember seeing this movie the christmas after I graduated in the movie theatre so I am not feeling so  young anymore haha.  Anyways, I was listening to The Bill Simmons Podcast (one of my faves) and he had an interview or more like a chat I guess with Matt Damon which was fantastic.  Even if you are not interested in Bill SImmons, this podcast was amazing and he talks a lot about this movie so I wanted to rewatch it.  It had been a long time since I had seen it and it is still as amazing today as it was that december in 1997.  It is currently still streaming on Netflix Canada if you are interested in watching it again or maybe even for the first time. 

I went and saw A Star Is Born earlier in October when my sister was visiting and Bradley Cooper is simply amazing in it and made me want to watch all things Bradley Cooper.  I only managed to get one movie in but maybe a few more in November will happen haha.  Anyways, I picked Burnt because I had never seen it before and it was so good.  It was like Master Chef meets Hells Kitchen meets French cuisine in London.  It was released in 2015 and I have no idea why I havent seen it before.  I did try watching Limitless which was first leading man role but I got bored.  It is one of Greg's favorite movies ever so if you think you are like him then you will probably like it.  What is your favorite Bradley Cooper movie? Did you know he was in Sex And The City???  I had no idea! Anyways, go see A Star is Born and if you want to watch this movie, it is streaming currently on Netflix Canada.

I like to watch at least one Halloween themed movie and even though this remake of Ghostbusters isn't about Halloween, it will have to do.  I like watching the Child's Play movies or Nightmare on Elm Street ones but none of them were available on the streaming services that we have.  I love love this movie and if you haven't watched it yet, why not?????  It is currently streaming on Netflix Canada.

And now that Hallloween is over, arent' we all excited for Christmas movies????  I can't wait to start watching all of our favorites.  What are your favorites?

Monday, 5 November 2018

October By The Numbers - Sweat Edition

October was a weird month - it started out snowy and ended really nice. And I started off strong and then got hit with the neverending cold and finished not so strong.  I also think that not having anything to train for made me not have the motivation I had in previous months and that running 6 races in 6 months had finally taken its toll on me and that i needed a break.  

86.3 - km ran in October
900 - goal in km 
912.27 - km ran so far!!!!!!!
0 - left to reach goal 

12 - days ran in October
2 - runs missed
9 - days ran outside
3 - days ran inside
62.02 - km ran outside
24.28 - km ran on my treadmill

5 - times rolled
6 - times strengthen 
5 - times stretched
150 - calf raises
2 - beachbody workouts
4 - times meditated
41 - minutes meditated

18 - days active
13 - days inactive

This last section aside from beachbody has been my lowest all year!!!!  I know part of it was definitely because I was sick and was so tired the last few weeks that all I wanted to do is sleep.  I feel like I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel health wise.  I was very happy though to see that I beat my goal of 900km this year.  This is the most I have ran ever in one year and I still have 2 months left.  I hope that in November that i get back into my workout routines and kick October's butt!!

Friday, 2 November 2018


I am getting worse and worse at this blogging thing hahaha.  Here is how Finley celebrated her actual birthday on Monday!

I was up at 530 on Monday morning so that I could bring her presents down and go to Tim Hortons to get her special birthday breakfast request. 

it's a birthday tradition to take a photo of the girls as they are waking up on their birthday morning. FInley has been getting up earlier and earlier since she moved to the basement and so I told her under no circumstances was she to get out of her bed until I came down to take the traditional photo. She unwillingly obliged.

Finley asked for 2 sprinkle donuts from Tim Hortons so that is what I bought her.  She did not eat both and had one as an afterschool snack. 

Turning double digits was a big deal in our house!  Yes she got 10 gifts which seems extravagant but I was able to find some second hand and on sale.  

She got these ear muffs for her birthday and she was excited to wear them even if it wasn't that cold.  She had a math test that morning and she thought it was the best thing ever to have a math test on her birthday.  She loves math.  She took some halloween candy to share with her classmates to recognize her special day.

For her birthday dinner, Finley picked Naina's.  Greg went there recently before a hockey game and told Finley all about it.  She had a burger stuffed with pulled pork, bacon and barbecue sauce.  I think these burgers are like a pound each and we cut it in half for her and she ate one half of the half.  She ate the other half for her lunch the next day and the 1/4 of the first half on Wednesday for lunch.  The fries and the gravy were delicious.  They have an amazing gluten free menu and Penelope had a grilled cheese that was probably the best since she was diagnosed. Recommendations are highly required if you are coming before an event at the Saddledome but it was pretty empty when we were there on Monday. 

For her birthday dessert, she chose a bubble gum and mint ice cream cone with a ton of mixings.  It was the perfect way to finish off a day of celebrating her.  And then it was home to homework and showers.  

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Halloween 2018

Yesterday was Halloween and the kids had a lot of fun trick or treating and eating candy!

We don't get to dress up  in our costumes at school and I know that bothers a lot of people but honestly my kids don't care and I don't know if it is because they have never been allowed to or because they just don't care.  Finley had a bit of halloween party in her class, some parents were selected to bring some fruit, veg and treats for the afternoon while they worked on some fun halloween math problems.  Finley was the first person to get the answer apparently haha.  Penelope did not have one and if you knew her teacher, you woulodn't be surprised.  They loved wearing their halloween shirts and headbands for the day. 

This was the extent of our outdoor decorating this year haha.  We didn't have time to carve pumpkins because we were busy every night and day leading up the big day so Penelope drew a face on the pumpkin i bought earlier in the month as part of my fall decor. I found this sign years ago and I love it!!  We have an outdoor inflatable black cat that I brought out but I never was able to find the extension cords for them since greg cleaned the garage so I will have to look for them since christmas is coming up and we have 3 of the inflatable things!

Finley had originally wanted to be the eiffel tower and greg was going to make it but all of his time has been consumed building her a room in her basement so we made a trip to walmart on Thursday and she saw the bride dress and decided she wanted to be a zombie bride and made it look all zombie like herself.  Penelope  had no interest in trick or treating this year until she saw this kitty head in walmart in September.  So we bought it haha. 

The zombie bride trying to eat the kitty on steroids. 

i intentionally buy treats that I don't like so I don't eat them.  We had skittles, starburst and a box of the maynards gummy candy's.  All are gluten and peanut free and I think dairy free too.  I get these every year.  This year I bought an extra box of the maynards stuff because penelope likes them and I was worried she wouldn't have much to eat.  It was unnecessary haha. As I was waiting for the kids to come and watching netflix, I was really wishing I had boughten candy that I liked hahaha.  We didn't have a lot of kids this year, probably our lowest yet so we had a lot of candy left over.  I find on the crappy weather years, we have tons and tons of kids but on nights like last night, where it was gorgeous, we have none.  I don't understand haha. 

Penelope lasted about an hour which isn't unusual. She has never liked trick or treating despite loving all things candy and chocolate.  She was most looking forward to sorting all of the candy and then sorting it again by gluten and gluten free.  Tomorrow marks 6 months since she was diagnosed with celiac disease and I figure if I have ever had to google whether a mars bar or a wunderbar was gluten free or not, it probably doesn't even matter because she is not going to eat them anyway.  I misread the mars bar label and missed the barley malt on the ingredient list and told her she could have them but when I told her this morning that she couldn't have them because it contained barley malt which is a type of gluten she didn't evem care haha.  Plus those are my favorite so it's not like she was getting them anyways haha.   Greg and Finley went back out for another hair or so after Penelope came home so we have a ridiculous amount of candy in our house.  

One of the houses gave out jokes in the halloween bags that they made up.  I love this idea and it was fun telling jokes with penelope. 

The strangest thing Finley received trick or treating last night.  Never has this happened before haha.  Did you guys get any strange items last night in your communities?