Friday, 9 November 2018

Friday Favorites #14

It has been awhile since I did a Friday favorites so here is one for ya and hopefully I can keep them coming for you. 

Starbucks released its holiday collection last week and it was amazing.  I first saw this tumbler on a facebook group I belong to and instantly knew i wanted it. I was worried that we wouldn't get it because last year they released a misty pink sparkly one and we never got it here in Calgary and it still haunts me every day haha.  Last Friday, I went to the starbucks near my house and they had this one and the one they called rose gold.  It looked more like bronze than rose gold to me.  I didn't buy this one at first because it doesn't feel smooth at all but more like it has been bedazzled outta controllably.  But I couldn't quit thinking about so I went to the starbucks later that morning by Liv Activ and I ended up buying it.  The roughness wasn't as bad as I thought and its pretty-ness makes up for it.  And if it makes me hit my water intake each day it will be worth it. 

In our dining area, there is like an enclave that makes the kitchen bigger.  I have 4 pieces of art that I hang on the walls and I thought I would start to share them.  This is my favorite piece but both girls were horrified by it.  mostly I think because they didn't get the humor in it haha.  I first saw this quote at Twisted Goods in Southcentre but it was almost a hundred dollars and I knew I could do it much cheaper haha.  So I sent my request to Susan at Ink'dspire (she has an etsy shop) and she made it up for me and now it hangs on my wall to the right of our french doors to the backyard. 

I found these on a local buy and sell site on facebook and was so happy to have these in our house. We love going to the mountains and anytime I can put a little bit of them into our house, I jump at the chance.  Now since they are white I am not sure how long they will last on my main floor furniture but fingers crossed that it is awhile!

On October 15th, flu shots were made available to the public and we got ours on the 16th. And for the first time ever, AHS was allowing pharmacys to give out the shots to anyone over the age of 5!!  It used to be 9 and over and I am SO HAPPY they changed that.  Instead of waiting 2 hours like we did last year, we were in and out in 20 minutes and off to Sev to get slurpees for the girls. There is no shame in my bribery game.  Penelope hates needles but understands the importance of the flu shot and about protecting those who need protection from the flu so she gets it without too much complaining.  We are big advocates of the flu shot and we hope that you guys are too.

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