Thursday, 1 November 2018

Halloween 2018

Yesterday was Halloween and the kids had a lot of fun trick or treating and eating candy!

We don't get to dress up  in our costumes at school and I know that bothers a lot of people but honestly my kids don't care and I don't know if it is because they have never been allowed to or because they just don't care.  Finley had a bit of halloween party in her class, some parents were selected to bring some fruit, veg and treats for the afternoon while they worked on some fun halloween math problems.  Finley was the first person to get the answer apparently haha.  Penelope did not have one and if you knew her teacher, you woulodn't be surprised.  They loved wearing their halloween shirts and headbands for the day. 

This was the extent of our outdoor decorating this year haha.  We didn't have time to carve pumpkins because we were busy every night and day leading up the big day so Penelope drew a face on the pumpkin i bought earlier in the month as part of my fall decor. I found this sign years ago and I love it!!  We have an outdoor inflatable black cat that I brought out but I never was able to find the extension cords for them since greg cleaned the garage so I will have to look for them since christmas is coming up and we have 3 of the inflatable things!

Finley had originally wanted to be the eiffel tower and greg was going to make it but all of his time has been consumed building her a room in her basement so we made a trip to walmart on Thursday and she saw the bride dress and decided she wanted to be a zombie bride and made it look all zombie like herself.  Penelope  had no interest in trick or treating this year until she saw this kitty head in walmart in September.  So we bought it haha. 

The zombie bride trying to eat the kitty on steroids. 

i intentionally buy treats that I don't like so I don't eat them.  We had skittles, starburst and a box of the maynards gummy candy's.  All are gluten and peanut free and I think dairy free too.  I get these every year.  This year I bought an extra box of the maynards stuff because penelope likes them and I was worried she wouldn't have much to eat.  It was unnecessary haha. As I was waiting for the kids to come and watching netflix, I was really wishing I had boughten candy that I liked hahaha.  We didn't have a lot of kids this year, probably our lowest yet so we had a lot of candy left over.  I find on the crappy weather years, we have tons and tons of kids but on nights like last night, where it was gorgeous, we have none.  I don't understand haha. 

Penelope lasted about an hour which isn't unusual. She has never liked trick or treating despite loving all things candy and chocolate.  She was most looking forward to sorting all of the candy and then sorting it again by gluten and gluten free.  Tomorrow marks 6 months since she was diagnosed with celiac disease and I figure if I have ever had to google whether a mars bar or a wunderbar was gluten free or not, it probably doesn't even matter because she is not going to eat them anyway.  I misread the mars bar label and missed the barley malt on the ingredient list and told her she could have them but when I told her this morning that she couldn't have them because it contained barley malt which is a type of gluten she didn't evem care haha.  Plus those are my favorite so it's not like she was getting them anyways haha.   Greg and Finley went back out for another hair or so after Penelope came home so we have a ridiculous amount of candy in our house.  

One of the houses gave out jokes in the halloween bags that they made up.  I love this idea and it was fun telling jokes with penelope. 

The strangest thing Finley received trick or treating last night.  Never has this happened before haha.  Did you guys get any strange items last night in your communities?

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