Monday, 12 November 2018

Lululemon Review: Fast + Free Crops

Back in July, I did the Lululemon 10K in Edmonton with one of my good friends and running buddies Heather.  As part of package pickup, we received 25% off at the West Edmonton store and we were discussing what we were going to buy with the discount.  Heather wanted another pair of Fast + Free Crops that were not black.  I wasn't sure what I wanted but while at the store, Heather showed me the pants.  I tried them on but I thought the pink was too much for me.  While I have no problems wearing bright colours on my shorts and racerbacks, I was all about the black and more black when it came to running tights and crops.  

However, I couldn't stop thinking about them and as luck would have it, they went on WMTM a few weeks later and I took the plunge and bought them.

They were beautiful and I was in love with them.  GIve me all the colours now!!!!  These are available in 19 + 21 inch crops, 25 inch and 28 inch and the material is called naked sensation.  If you have never felt the material before, they will feel a little weird at first. They were engineered to feel like a second layer of skin to make you forget that you are wearing them as you run. 

They are high rise which I was never really into but you get used to it.  The waist also has an interior drawcord to make them tighter or looser although I have never played around with it before.  They also have pockets in the waistband and along each side.  I did try to use the side pockets but I didn't like the feeling of having my iphone there.  I do have friends who LOVE this feature.

I think my favorite part about them is the reflective dots.  Reflective gear isn't important to me - mostly because the price is insane haha but I like the look that the dots give them.  These were made by Lululemon so that we would feel fast and free in these naked, sweat wicking pants or crops.  I never really noticed my sweat drying fast but I have these crops in black too and I wore them for the Lululemon Seawheeze in Vancouver and it rained off and on for the entire half marathon and these pants dried off quite fast throught the race and I was fine hanging out after waiting for my friends to finish.  This alone made it worth every penny for these pants.  I have the crops in glossy pink as shown here and in black and then i have the 25 inch ones because I am short in black and star ruby. The only thing they are not good for is cold weather running.  Winter came early in October and I wore these one morning and my legs were so cold that they felt like cement blocks when I ran haha.

 These do come on to WMTM so it is a good idea to go try them on and watch for them if you want.  I wear my TTS in these.  

Thank you Heather for introducing these to me.  I love them even if my bank account does not hahaha. 

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