Friday, 2 November 2018


I am getting worse and worse at this blogging thing hahaha.  Here is how Finley celebrated her actual birthday on Monday!

I was up at 530 on Monday morning so that I could bring her presents down and go to Tim Hortons to get her special birthday breakfast request. 

it's a birthday tradition to take a photo of the girls as they are waking up on their birthday morning. FInley has been getting up earlier and earlier since she moved to the basement and so I told her under no circumstances was she to get out of her bed until I came down to take the traditional photo. She unwillingly obliged.

Finley asked for 2 sprinkle donuts from Tim Hortons so that is what I bought her.  She did not eat both and had one as an afterschool snack. 

Turning double digits was a big deal in our house!  Yes she got 10 gifts which seems extravagant but I was able to find some second hand and on sale.  

She got these ear muffs for her birthday and she was excited to wear them even if it wasn't that cold.  She had a math test that morning and she thought it was the best thing ever to have a math test on her birthday.  She loves math.  She took some halloween candy to share with her classmates to recognize her special day.

For her birthday dinner, Finley picked Naina's.  Greg went there recently before a hockey game and told Finley all about it.  She had a burger stuffed with pulled pork, bacon and barbecue sauce.  I think these burgers are like a pound each and we cut it in half for her and she ate one half of the half.  She ate the other half for her lunch the next day and the 1/4 of the first half on Wednesday for lunch.  The fries and the gravy were delicious.  They have an amazing gluten free menu and Penelope had a grilled cheese that was probably the best since she was diagnosed. Recommendations are highly required if you are coming before an event at the Saddledome but it was pretty empty when we were there on Monday. 

For her birthday dessert, she chose a bubble gum and mint ice cream cone with a ton of mixings.  It was the perfect way to finish off a day of celebrating her.  And then it was home to homework and showers.  

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