Wednesday, 7 November 2018

What I Streamed in October

I didn't do a lot of streaming as I spent more time listening to podcasts while doing stuff around the house. 

The first movie I streamed this month was Good Will Hunting which is over 20 years old.  I remember seeing this movie the christmas after I graduated in the movie theatre so I am not feeling so  young anymore haha.  Anyways, I was listening to The Bill Simmons Podcast (one of my faves) and he had an interview or more like a chat I guess with Matt Damon which was fantastic.  Even if you are not interested in Bill SImmons, this podcast was amazing and he talks a lot about this movie so I wanted to rewatch it.  It had been a long time since I had seen it and it is still as amazing today as it was that december in 1997.  It is currently still streaming on Netflix Canada if you are interested in watching it again or maybe even for the first time. 

I went and saw A Star Is Born earlier in October when my sister was visiting and Bradley Cooper is simply amazing in it and made me want to watch all things Bradley Cooper.  I only managed to get one movie in but maybe a few more in November will happen haha.  Anyways, I picked Burnt because I had never seen it before and it was so good.  It was like Master Chef meets Hells Kitchen meets French cuisine in London.  It was released in 2015 and I have no idea why I havent seen it before.  I did try watching Limitless which was first leading man role but I got bored.  It is one of Greg's favorite movies ever so if you think you are like him then you will probably like it.  What is your favorite Bradley Cooper movie? Did you know he was in Sex And The City???  I had no idea! Anyways, go see A Star is Born and if you want to watch this movie, it is streaming currently on Netflix Canada.

I like to watch at least one Halloween themed movie and even though this remake of Ghostbusters isn't about Halloween, it will have to do.  I like watching the Child's Play movies or Nightmare on Elm Street ones but none of them were available on the streaming services that we have.  I love love this movie and if you haven't watched it yet, why not?????  It is currently streaming on Netflix Canada.

And now that Hallloween is over, arent' we all excited for Christmas movies????  I can't wait to start watching all of our favorites.  What are your favorites?

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