Thursday, 13 December 2018

Finally A New Treadmill!!!

My old treadmill had been slowly declining over the last year and at the beginning of the fall, it started randomly turning off while I was running and I started to freak out that I was going to hurt myself.  So Greg started looking at treadmills and we deciced to wait until Black Friday because we hoped that we could get a good deal on one and we did.  My last one was also from Canadian Tire and it lasted 14 years and cost me $440 so I had no problems buying another one from there.  Now if only it lasts that long haha. 

My new treadmill is so much bigger than my old one!  I ended up buying a treadmill mat on amazon prime because when I ran the treadmill slowly moved backwards towards the door.  We also painted Penelope's old room and moved my treadmill up there since my mom is in the basement beside Finley's room.  I don't mind facing the wall because I wiped out once when I got my first treadmill and fell into the wall and hurt myself so i never ever run with my back to the wall.  It's really not all that bad because I am usually always watching my opad anyways.

My only real complaint is that when I run my water bottles vibrate and shake because they have so much room.  Which was the opposite problem of my old one haha.  One of my friends suggested putting in towels to make them not rattle so much.  I haven't tried it but I really should get on that. 

It is also far far fancier than my old one too.  Everything is digital and push button and so easy!  I have not used any of the programs or workouts and I am not sure I will but maybe during the long cold winter months I might give them a try.

A photo of me running on my new treadmill.  I am so happy with it and it feels so much easier running on it than my old one.  Whether it actually is or not is a whole other story hahaha.  Here's hoping that this fancy new treadmill of mine gets me through these long winter months ahead. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

A Christmas Tradition In The Making

On the first day of December we had decided to go out and cut down our main floor Christmas tree after Penelope's academy was completed.  We woke up to some gross weather but it cleared quite nicely before we headed out.  It turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon to be outside looking for a tree.  And it turns out a lot of people had the same idea as us.  We actually had to turn around and go back home because Greg forgot the saw needed to cut down the tree.  Finley tried to convince Greg that we should do what Clark did in Christmas Vacation but he was not agreeing to that haha.

Penelope pretending to be cutting down every tree we came across.  

We saw a few potential trees but we kept on looking for that perfect tree.  There were a lot of huge trees and half trees but not what we wanted.  We did discuss cutting down two trees and putting both in our tree stand to make the perfect tree. 

But then I spotted this beauty from afar and we made the long trek to check her out up close.  Greg thought I meant the one to the right of it and he was like it's 200 feet tall but then he saw the one I was referring to.

Up close, it was perfect and we all agreed that this was the annual florizone christmas tree. 

Greg started the saw but Finley really wanted to be the one to make it fall over and yell timber.  With Greg's help she was able to do that!!  Last year we all took turns cutting the tree but we left it to these 2 this year.

The tree wasn't too heavy and Greg was able to carry back to his car.  He got the tree all strapped down before we realized that he made it so he couldn't open his car door and he had to climb through the passenger door.  I have climbed through my passenger door many times thanks to bonehead drivers parking too close to me but I am much smaller so it wasn't as easy for him to get in and it took him a few tries haha. 

Greg had to cut a little off of the top to get the tree to fit in the house and then a bit more to get the star to fit but other than that, it was perfect.  I sure did a good job haha.

While Greg got the tree ready for decorating and the girls brought the ornaments up, I enjoyed a delicious cup of hot tea in the most approproate mug I own for this occasion (thanks winners!)

Penelope probably decorated 85% of the tree this year and she loved every second of it.

Finley did about 6% of the decorating while Greg did about 9%. He was trying to use the larger ornaments to fill in the few empty spots towards the bottom of the tree.

The final product early the next morning,  I love waking up early before anyone else and sitting on the couch while drinking my tea and just taking in the peace and the glow of the christmas lights.  It really is quite magical.  

We ended up having to move our tree over to the opposite corner because my mom has moved in with us and her couch wouldn't get down the stairs into our basement so we had to move ours down there for her and kept hers upstairs.  Hers is much larger than mine and we had to reaarange our living room 5x before we got it figured out.  At least until Christmas comes down and I can see what we are working with haha. 

This is by far the best tree that we have picked out in the three years we have done it and I am not just saying that because I picked it out haha.  We had people over on the weekend and they all complimented our tree and Greg has even admired it too hahaha.  This is a tradition we have all come to look forward to and we might even continue doing it even when we do go back to SK for the holidays. 

If you have never cut down your own tree, i highly recommend it.  It is so easy and all it costs is the $5 for the permit that you can download on your computer.  It tells you the permit area you can cut down the tree and you are allowed to cut down up to 3 trees per permit.  You and your family will have so much doing it!

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

A Bonus Christmas Tree

We finally got around to decorating our christmas tree in the bonus room on the last Thursday of November.  I honestly think that this is close to the latest I have ever put up a tree anywhere in my house.  And we still didn't have a tree for the main floor. 

Each year the girls pick out an ornament for the bonus room tree and this time round, Penelope picked out a rainbow poop emoji who married the regular poop emoji one she got last year.  They happily reside on the christmas tree side by side.  Finley didn't pick hers out as I found it while I was looking for something else at pier 1.  She always asks for my eiffel tower and I always say no.  She is obsessed with all things paris so she loved it very very much.

We got this tree during a black friday sale 4 years ago at Home Depot and the lights quit working on it either last christmas or the year before that.  Regardless, I am not happy that the pre-lit tree didn't keep working for that long.  We used the lights for the tree that normally hang on the white bookstand and the railing up to the bonus room.

Greg always puts his Christmas mouse on the top of what he calls the fun tree hahaha. It is his from when he was a little kid.

The cats have stayed away from both of our trees for the most part but this is the one time I caught them napping under it.  This is the first year Pizza hasn't climbed a tree or two. 

This tree looks so pretty and magical in the evening.  The tree skirt isn't actually a tree skirt but a table cloth that belonged to my Aunty Sandy who passed away a few years ago.  I don't use a table cloth ever but I came up with this last year instead and I love it!  I love having a piece of her during the  holidays. 

Monday, 10 December 2018

Christmas In The Core

On the last day of November, the girls had the day off for parent teacher interviews so we took advantage of having a week day off and headed downtown to the core to visit Santa Claus and have lunch with Greg too.  Our first stop off the train was to grab hot chocolate from second cup which is a cold weather favorite treat.

We saw a sign with The Core advertising that they had 150 trees decorated around the 2 levels and Finley made it her mission to count them all.  This one was Penelope's favorite tree.

Despite there being trees everywhere, they were relatively easy to find and count.  Finley did a great job keeping track of the number we saw and was careful not to count any trees twice. 

This was also another one of Penelope's favorite trees.  She insisted on giving yeti a hug despite the no touching signs everywhere.

The Christmas Tree that reaches 3 levels high right in the middle of the core.  They have all kinds of christmas and holiday events going on here so you should come check it out. 

This was Finley's favorite tree and if you know her, you will know why haha.  This one was from WestJet Magazine.

This one was my favorite tree because there was so much pink.  It was put on by Pure Motion Dance Company and I didn't know that at first but it made me happy since I know some friends who have kids that attend this dance company.  The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra was my second favorite. It was all done in purple. 

Finley showing her excitement from finding all 150 trees and finally being able to go meet her dad for lunch haha.   A local business sponsors a tree and they decorate them and then they go to a family in need.  Such a great program!!  A huge thank you to all of the companies and their employees who participated in this!

After lunch, we headed to see Santa Claus and the girls loved him!!  Because there was no line up, the girls got to spend a lot of time chatting with Santa and we also got a family photo with him too and the best part is that visiting him is free!  You do have the option to make a donation, which we did.  If you make your social media public and use the hashtag #findchristmasdowntown, they will print you out a photo in a few minutes.  Kids also receive some crayons and a holiday themed coloring book and a scavenger hunt sheet.  Santa is located on the second level near Holt Renfrew and will continue to be there throughout the month of December until the 23rd from Thursdays - Sundays starting at noon.  Some days end at 5pm and others at 7pm so make sure you check out their website before heading down. 

The scavenger hunt was basically just something to make you go find all of the trees and right down the name of the companies participating in the tree decorating.  Great advertising haha.  We were done in no time since we had gone through to find them all earlier haha. 


They took in their sheets and each got a candycane for all of their hard work.  Then we headed out to the train and made it back home. 

I love love love Calgary malls during the holidays.  I think they do a really great job and I think they really do add to the holiday spirit.  Don't be afraid of downtown and take your kids down to see the decor and Santa Claus.  You won't be disappointed with what you see.

Monday, 3 December 2018

November By The Numbers - Sweat Edition

If I am being completely honest, I was really surprised how much I ran this month.  I was feeling especially unmotivated and ran the majority of my runs on my treadmill because the thought of running outside felt like too much work.  Not only was it my best November ever since I started running seriously in November 2013, i bet I ran more this month than the novembers in 2013 - 2017 combined!!  

89.41k - ran in November
1001.68k - ran in 2018 thus far
13 - days ran 
1 - run missed

4 - runs outside
28 - km ran outside
1 - new treadmill
9 - runs on my treadmill
61.41k - ran on the treadmill

3 - beachbody workouts 
4 - times I meditated
40 - minutes meditated
1 - cross country skiing
1.87 skied

9 - days stretched
12 - days strengthened
4 - days rolled
360 - calf raises

22 days active 
8 days inactive

I don't have any goals in December except for finishing the year strong and healthy!!