Monday, 10 December 2018

Christmas In The Core

On the last day of November, the girls had the day off for parent teacher interviews so we took advantage of having a week day off and headed downtown to the core to visit Santa Claus and have lunch with Greg too.  Our first stop off the train was to grab hot chocolate from second cup which is a cold weather favorite treat.

We saw a sign with The Core advertising that they had 150 trees decorated around the 2 levels and Finley made it her mission to count them all.  This one was Penelope's favorite tree.

Despite there being trees everywhere, they were relatively easy to find and count.  Finley did a great job keeping track of the number we saw and was careful not to count any trees twice. 

This was also another one of Penelope's favorite trees.  She insisted on giving yeti a hug despite the no touching signs everywhere.

The Christmas Tree that reaches 3 levels high right in the middle of the core.  They have all kinds of christmas and holiday events going on here so you should come check it out. 

This was Finley's favorite tree and if you know her, you will know why haha.  This one was from WestJet Magazine.

This one was my favorite tree because there was so much pink.  It was put on by Pure Motion Dance Company and I didn't know that at first but it made me happy since I know some friends who have kids that attend this dance company.  The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra was my second favorite. It was all done in purple. 

Finley showing her excitement from finding all 150 trees and finally being able to go meet her dad for lunch haha.   A local business sponsors a tree and they decorate them and then they go to a family in need.  Such a great program!!  A huge thank you to all of the companies and their employees who participated in this!

After lunch, we headed to see Santa Claus and the girls loved him!!  Because there was no line up, the girls got to spend a lot of time chatting with Santa and we also got a family photo with him too and the best part is that visiting him is free!  You do have the option to make a donation, which we did.  If you make your social media public and use the hashtag #findchristmasdowntown, they will print you out a photo in a few minutes.  Kids also receive some crayons and a holiday themed coloring book and a scavenger hunt sheet.  Santa is located on the second level near Holt Renfrew and will continue to be there throughout the month of December until the 23rd from Thursdays - Sundays starting at noon.  Some days end at 5pm and others at 7pm so make sure you check out their website before heading down. 

The scavenger hunt was basically just something to make you go find all of the trees and right down the name of the companies participating in the tree decorating.  Great advertising haha.  We were done in no time since we had gone through to find them all earlier haha. 


They took in their sheets and each got a candycane for all of their hard work.  Then we headed out to the train and made it back home. 

I love love love Calgary malls during the holidays.  I think they do a really great job and I think they really do add to the holiday spirit.  Don't be afraid of downtown and take your kids down to see the decor and Santa Claus.  You won't be disappointed with what you see.

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