Thursday, 13 December 2018

Finally A New Treadmill!!!

My old treadmill had been slowly declining over the last year and at the beginning of the fall, it started randomly turning off while I was running and I started to freak out that I was going to hurt myself.  So Greg started looking at treadmills and we deciced to wait until Black Friday because we hoped that we could get a good deal on one and we did.  My last one was also from Canadian Tire and it lasted 14 years and cost me $440 so I had no problems buying another one from there.  Now if only it lasts that long haha. 

My new treadmill is so much bigger than my old one!  I ended up buying a treadmill mat on amazon prime because when I ran the treadmill slowly moved backwards towards the door.  We also painted Penelope's old room and moved my treadmill up there since my mom is in the basement beside Finley's room.  I don't mind facing the wall because I wiped out once when I got my first treadmill and fell into the wall and hurt myself so i never ever run with my back to the wall.  It's really not all that bad because I am usually always watching my opad anyways.

My only real complaint is that when I run my water bottles vibrate and shake because they have so much room.  Which was the opposite problem of my old one haha.  One of my friends suggested putting in towels to make them not rattle so much.  I haven't tried it but I really should get on that. 

It is also far far fancier than my old one too.  Everything is digital and push button and so easy!  I have not used any of the programs or workouts and I am not sure I will but maybe during the long cold winter months I might give them a try.

A photo of me running on my new treadmill.  I am so happy with it and it feels so much easier running on it than my old one.  Whether it actually is or not is a whole other story hahaha.  Here's hoping that this fancy new treadmill of mine gets me through these long winter months ahead. 

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