Tuesday, 1 January 2019

2018 By The Numbers Year In Review - Sweat Like Becky Edition

2018 was an interesting year.  I struggled a lot in June and I had a really bad race that month that made me contemplate quiting this sport and finding something else to occupy my time.  I actually told a friend that I was done after seawheeze because the struggle was real and my confidence was shit. I took 9 days off after that june race and started back up in July starting from zero.  It was the only way I could rehab my achilles and still be able to continue running.  I am glad that I ignored my thoughts and worked so hard all summer because it paid off.  I ran 3 more races after that awful June morning and I did really well and boosted my confidence like you would not believe.  It also helps to have a great support system and a physiotherapist who is the best in the business to get you fixed and ready for your next race. My goals for 2019 are at the bottom but basically I want to grow as a runner by getting stronger, muscular and leaner which should also make me a better human I hope too haha. 

900k - goal for km ran in 2018 
1075.49 - what I actually ran in 2018
1200 - goal for km ran in 2019 (this slightly terrififes me)
144 - days ran 
15 - runs missed
680.29 - km ran outside
86 - runs outside
395.1 - ran on treadmill 
58 - treadmill days 

6 - races
3 - half marathons 
2 - 10km races
1 - 15k race

26 - bootcamps (it ended at the end of june for me and permanently at the end of august)
19 - missed bootcamp classes
152 - times I stretched
112 - times I did my strengthening exercises
150 - times I foamed rolled

10 - beachbody workouts
19 - times I worked on my core independantly of bootcamp and beachbody
31 - times I worked out independantly of beachbody and bootcamp 
6415 - calf raises 
76 - times meditated in 2018
59 - times more i meditated in 2018 than in 2017
504.55 - minutes meditated

5 - indoor cycles
141 - minutes cycled indoors
11 - outdoor cycles
73.47 - km biked
5 - times cross country skied
25.25 - km skied
4 - hikes completed
13.54k - hiked so more like walks hahaha
6 - physio appointments
0 - chiro appointments
2 - accupumcture appointments
287 - days active
78 - days inactive

I improved over every number except for bootcamp which ended half way through the year, I did 11 bike rides in both 2017 + 2018 and I did way more hiking in 2017 that I did this year. 

My goals for 2019 are to run 1200km, stay healthy so that means making sure I stretch, strengthen, roll and hydrate all the time!!! I want to build more muscle and get stronger to help make me a better runner and injury free.  I want to PR a half marathon and hopefully get into  Seawheeze.  I want to learn how to properly fuel my body as a runner and as someone who is turning 40 this coming year.  What are your goals for 2019??

Here is to making this year the best one yhet!

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